Zoning Classification Table

The City of Birmingham Zoning Ordinance is provided and maintained by the Planning Division.   For further information, please call 254-2524.

Zoning Code

Zoning Classification

Residential Districts
E-1 Estate District
R-1 Single Family
R-2 Single Family
R-3 Single Family
R-4 Two Family/Semi-Attached Dwelling
R-4A Medium Density Residential
R-5 Multiple Dwelling
R-6 Multiple Dwelling
R-7 Multiple Dwelling
R-8 Planned Residential

Business Districts

B-1 Neighborhood Business
B-2 General Business
B-3 Community Business
B-4 Central Business
B-5 Mixed Business
B-6 Health and Institutional
O&I Office and Institutional
PRD Planned Recreational

Industrial Districts

M-1 Light Industrial
M-1A General Industrial
M-2 Heavy Industrial
M-3 Planned Industrial
M-4 Special Mining and Lumbering

Other Districts

A-1 Agricultural
A-2 Agricultural
MXD Mixed Use
HZD Holding Zone
Hwy280 Overlay Highway 280 Overlay District
Highland Overlay Highland Park Overlay District

Common Zoning Prefixes
"C"- Contigency Conditions
"Q"- Qualified Conditions