Save and Recall a Parcel Report

In the original version of GISweb, users were able to save and easily re-open a parcel report. With the new GISweb, we had to accept some minor changes in existing functionality in order to fully take advantage of the new features. Parcel Reports were affected by this. You can still create parcel reports the same way, but there are a couple of new steps in saving and recalling a parcel report.

What is A Parcel Report

A parcel report is a customized report to give you more useful information about a selected set of parcels. The parcels are numbered and a corresponding report is generated.

What Has Changed

In summary, previously a parcel report was saved in a special format. With the click of a button, you could reopen the parcel report. Now, you will create a parcel report and save your map project. To later access the same report, you will have to open the project and follow the simple steps outlined below.

--> How to Create a Parcel Report

  1. Select Parcels with one of the selection tools.

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  2. From the Selection Set menu, click "Default Report".

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  3. The report will appear in a new window. After a minute, the selected parcels will be numbered. There is summary information for the selected features at the bottom of the report. You may also right-click on the new window to print the report.

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  4. From the Advanced Tools (Red Toolbox), click the button.

  5. Click the "Save Session" link. Save the file to a personal workspace. This can be anywhere that you choose. GIS recommends setting up a "GISweb" folder in your personal workspace. Save the file with a meaningful name to remind you that this is a parcel report for a particular project.

--> How to Open a Saved Parcel Report

  1. From the Advanced Tools (Red Toolbox), click the button.

  2. From the Open Session menu, click "Browse" and locate the parcel report that you wish to open.

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  3. Then click the "Open Session" button.

  4. The session will open and you will see the selected parcels and their numbers.

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  5. Go the Selection Toolbox (Green Toolbox) and click the button.

  6. This will take you to the Selection Set menu. You will see a link showing the parcel layer and how many parcels you have selected. Click on the Parcels link.

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  7. From the Selection Set menu, click "Execute Report".

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