Search for a Parcel by Parcel Number

If you have a parcel number, you can type the number in the parcel number box and click the search button.

Note: The parcel number is an 18 digit number. A lot of times you will have the 18 digit parcelid number. Sometimes the number will be in other formats.The following examples show a breakdown of the parcel number.


Value Description
01 County
29 Township
00 Subarea
04 Section
1 Quarter
028 Block
002000 Parcel

The Jefferson County Tax Assessor Property Tax notice includes the parcel number, but not the complete 18 digit number. The county designation is 01 (Jefferson) and the subarea is 00 (Jefferson) and these are not listed in the number. The block should have 3 digits. You may have to add one or two zeros to the beginning of the number. The parcel should have six digits. You must add three zeros to the end of the number for a total of six digits.


Value Description
01 County (not listed in number)
22 Township
00 Subarea (not listed in number)
24 Section
3 Quarter
031 Block (3 digits)
013000 Parcel (6 digits)