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Help Page

This page was developed in addition to the Geocortex Help that was provided with this online mapping application. The Geocortex Help gives an overview of the tools and general information about how the application works. Geocortex Help can be referenced at any time by clicking General Tutorial in the left hand frame.

The City of Birmingham GIS Division has created a series of help pages in order to provide more detailed information about the application and the data specific to the City of Birmingham. New pages will be created as the need arises and as time allows.

There are topical links on the left side of this page. These links take you to information on each topic.

You will see many blue or purple links on forms throughout the application. Clicking on these links will pop-up a help page on a particular topic. For example, the Address Help on the Find Address form, will display a help page about entering addresses.

Additional help topics can be requested by clicking Request Help Information.