Select By Radius and Further Refine the Selection

There may be times where you will need to select features within a radius of any given point. Then you may need to further refine your search. For example, you may want to select parcels within a radius of 1 mile from a given address.

--> EXAMPLE:    Find all Community Facilities within 1 mile of a proposed liquor store location.

Please note: This is an example and is not based on any real information. This is NOT a requirement according to City Zoning Ordinance.

  1. In this example, we will look for 1169 Huffman Rd. This is the site being considered for a liquor store. Under the 'Find' Dropdown, select 'Find Parcel' and enter the address.

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  2. Click the blue link to zoom to the address. The map will then zoom to the parcel.

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  3. Make sure that the Community Facilites layer is visible, because you will be selecting it.

  4. Click the Selection (green) Toolbox and click on the tool.

  5. Click in the center of the parcel. A dialog will appear in the right hand frame. Select 'Community Facilities' as the features to be selected, enter a distance of 1 and choose 'miles' as your units of measurement. So you will be selecting all community facilities within 1 mile of the place you clicked.

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  6. Click 'OK'. When you see the results of your selection, click "Zoom to Extent". Then click 'Execute Report'

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--> EXAMPLE:    From existing selection, find only the elementary schools.

Advanced Functionality Now that you have selected nine community facilities, you may want to refine your search criteria. Now you want to specifically focus on selecting the elementary schools within 1 mile of the liquor store location.

  1. From the Advanced (red) Toolbox, choose the tool. This is the Query tool and allows you to input advanced search criteria.

  2. Enter the bold information as follows. "Find features from layer; 'Community Facilities' Having; 'CATEGORY' '=' 'ELEMENTARY SCHOOL'. Now hit the 'Add to Query' button.

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  4. Click Execute.

  5. This search found 71 features. Your previously selection had 9 features. To see how many features fall within the radius of the point you selected earlier, you will want to view the 'Subset' option.

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  7. You will see that there are 5 features selected now. Click 'Execute Report'.

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  9. View the report carefully, you will see that 4 records are separate buildings for Goings school. That leaves two elementary schools that fall within 1 mile of the proposed liqour store location.