Help for Entering Addresses

When an address is entered, the next screen will show a list of possible choices, if any. Locating an address can be tricky, so here are some helpful pointers.

  • Enter as much of the address as you can. The more you enter will greatly improve your chances of finding the address. For example, ´500 20th St N´ is a complete address, and will give you a greater chance of finding the address than ´500 20th´.
  • If you get a message saying, 'No Matches Found', you may need to modify the information you input
  • Ensley addresses that include ‘Avenue’, ‘Court’, and ‘Terrace’ must be spelled out and put in the name field. Example: Avenue U, Court Q and Terrace M.
  • Do not enter address fractions or apartment numbers.
  • Several streets fall in different communities. Click for more information on communities and the 'Community' drop down menu.
  • A street name consists of:
    1. House Number
    2. Prefix Direction
    3. Prefix Type
    4. Street Name
    5. Street Type
    6. Street Direction
    Click for more detailed information on street names.
  • When entering street types, use the following abbreviations: (StreetType - Abbreviation)
    Alley: ALY Avenue: AVE Bend: BND
    Boulevard: BLVD Circle: CIR Crescent: CRES
    Court: CT Courtway: CTWY Cove: CV
    Drive - DR Highway - HWY Lane - LN
    Loop - LOOP Park - PARK Parkway - PKY
    Place - PL Plaza - PLZ Road - RD
    Row - ROW Run - RUN Square - SQ
    Street - ST Terrace - TER Trace - TRC
    Trail - TRL Way - WAY

  • When entering directions, use the following abbreviations: (Direction - Abbreviation)
    North - N South - RUN East - SQ West - ST
    Northeast - TER Northwest - TRC Southeast - TRL Southwest - WAY

  • For matching intersections, enter two streets that intersect. Do NOT use house numbers. Enter the street name and all other applicable components listed above.