The GIS Division of the Department of Planning, Engineering & Permits is pleased to provide you with the following update to our on-line mapping application. This release features a lot of new tools and functionality. We worked with Latitude Geographics to develop an application to provide citizens of the City of Birmingham access to geographic data and mapping capabilities.



Step 1: Learn to Use the Maps

Before using the site, each user should look at the help options outlined below. We recommend looking at the following prior to launching a map:

  • Quick tutorial - This is a general overview of important principles to understand before using the site.
  • New Functionality - This is great information for anyone already familiar with the website.
  • Detailed Help - When you launch the map, go to General Help and Tutorials section in the Help Menu. This will provide you with more information for every tool in the application.


Step 2: Read the Disclaimer and Launch the Map

Note: If you use anti-popup software, we recommend that you temporarily disable it prior to using this site.
This application works best with your screen resolution set at 1024 x 768 or larger.